Darkest Team

Stuff that matters

After the Buccaneers wrapped up their boat parade in Tampa on Wednesday afternoon, members of the team took turns on the microphone to celebrate their Super Bowl title.

Head coach Bruce Arians was one of them and he spent a little time in his speech talking about the Chiefs. Arians said their motto of “run it back” after winning Super Bowl LIV was “bulls–t” and revealed the view that the Buccaneers will be taking before taking another look back at last Sunday’s win.

“We going for two. We going for two and we ain’t stopping,” Arians said. “We’re going to keep this band together, and they know how to win. . . . You beat every damn thing we lined up against you. You did it the right way. We did it the right way. We physically kicked their ass.”

There’s no arguing with Arians when it comes to how things played out in Super Bowl LV. The rest of the league will have to come up with a compelling case for why he’s wrong about their own repeat effort falling short.